Verify CBIC-DIN SVLDRS Last date approaching Notification No. 44/2020 - Central Tax dated 08-Jun-2020 : Gives effect to the provisions of Rule 67A for furnishing a nil return in FORM GSTR-3B by SMS Notifications and Circular issued to provide relief to taxpayers in view of spread of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19 Circular No. 107/26/2019-GST dated 18.07.2019, Withdrawn ab initio vide Circular No. 127/46/2019-GST dated 04.12.2019 Swachh Bharat Abhaiyan - Appeal by Milkha Singh, Yuvraj Sing Notification issued to implement the decisions of GST Council Annual GST Return PPT Advisory No. 17/2019-ACES-GST Integration GSTN Consolidated issue and resolution list Video on Filing of GSTR 1 Preparation and Filing of Form GST TRAN 1 Webinar on Filing of GSTR 2 GSTR1 Guidelines First notifications under CGST Integrated Tax Notifications
Customs Broker License Written examination under CBLR, 2018

Trade Notice

  Trade Notice No. Date
No.TECH-PN0GSTM/2/2019-HQ-GST-LDH 05.05.2021
No. 03/2013 23.12.2013
No. 02/2014 10.03.2014
No. 03/2014 18.03.2014
No. 04/2014 18.03.2014
No. 05/2014 24.03.2014
No. 06/2014 25.03.2014
No. 06/CE/LDH/2014 10.10.2014
No. 07/CE/LDH/2014 19.11.2014
No. 08/CE/JAL/2014 19.11.2014
No. 01/CE/Ldh/2015 11.02.2015
No. 10/CE/Jal/2015 30.09.2015
No. 11/CE/Ldh/2015 1.10.2015
C.No. V(Review)Ldh/Misc/04/2014/5482 11.02.2015
C.No. IV(16)Hqrs/Tech/Jal/Sevottam/10/2015/2078 02.12.2015
Trade Notice No. 01/CE/Ldh/2016 22.01.2016
Trade Notice No. 02/CE/Ldh/2016 22.01.2016
Trade Notice No. 03/CE/Ldh2016 31.03.2016
Trade Notice No. 04/CEX/Ldh/2016 07.06.2016
Trade Notice No. 01/CEX/2016(JALANDHAR) 15/07/2016
Trade Notice Nofont-size:12px 20.02.2017
Trade Notice No. 02/CE/LDH/2017 05.05.2017
Trade Notice No. 01/JAL/2017/ 22.06.2017
Trade Notice No. 04/GST/LDH/2017 22.06.2017
Trade Notice No. 05/GST/LDH/2017 29.06.2017
Trade Notice No. 2/CE/JAL/2017 30.06.2017
Public Notice No. 4/RTI/2017 03.07.2017
Public Notice No. 5/RTI/2017 04.07.2017
Trade Notices No. 04/GST/LDH/2017 22.06.2017
Trade Notices No. 07/GST/LDH/2017 14.07.2017
Trade Notices No. 14/GST/LDH/2017 16.11.2017
Trade Notices No. 15/GST/LDH/ 30.1.2018
Trade Notices No. 06/GST-ICU/LDH/2017 06.07.2017
Public Notice 02/2017 ( GST Audit Commissionerate, Ludhiana ) 26.02.2018
Public Notice ( GST Audit Commissionerate, Ludhiana ) 26.02.2018
Amendment of Trade Notices No. 16/GST/LDH/2017 01.03.2018
Trade Notices No. 06/GST-ICU/LDH/2017 06.07.2017
Public Notice No. 02/RTI/2018 22.05.2018
Trade Notice No. 03/GST/LDH/2018 31.05.2018
Public Notice No. 01/RTI/2018 17.05.2018
  Trade Notice No. 01/2019 23.08.2019
  Trade Notice No. 02/GST/LDH/2019 04.09.2019
  Trade Notice No.01/GST/LDH/2020, Instruction 05.05.2020
  Trade Notice No. : 02/GST/LDH/2020 07.09.2020
  Trade Notice No . 01/GST/Khanna/2020 21.12.2020
  Trade Notice No. 01/GST/LDH/2020 29.12.2020